FREE MARKETING WORKSHOP FOR OCO MEMBERS What marketing-related topic interests you most?  Are you looking for new ways to market your products? Would you benefit from creative marketing ideas tailored toward farm & food businesses? GOOD NEWS: We’re offering a FREE marketing workshop for Basic and Supporting Members in November! Julianna from Promosaurus will share her extensive marketing experience to help … Read more

Musings on Biodynamic Cows, Their Horns, and the Evolution of the Earth

Musings on Biodynamic Cows, Their Horns, and the Evolution of the Earth By Jim Fullmer, Co-Director of Demeter-USA (Reprinted from the Demeter USA website, Have you ever wondered why cows have horns…?  It’s a most important question.  What happens in the places where the hooves and the horns are growing? A locality is created where … Read more

Bear River Farms Workshop on Agriculture Lectures

Dear Friends of Bear River Farms, In the early 1920’s, agriculture was gripped by clearly visible changes. The orientation towards technology, science and profit-making became dominant and was leading progressively towards a non-distinction between agriculture and industry. Many farmers in Europe inwardly faced this development with great concern and growing doubts. A group of farmers pressed Rudolf Steiner for advice … Read more

Southbrook Vineyards, Ontario

Summer 2020 Wine Tastings We are so excited to welcome you back to the winery.  All tastings will be conducted outside on our patio and must be booked and prepaid through our reservation system. Search Available Reservations For the near term, we are limiting group sizes to 4 people who are travelling together.  Each table … Read more


Biodynamic Research Biodynamic research is research into the Biodynamic method of agriculture. Motivated to improve Biodynamic agriculture and deepen the understanding of it, independent research facilities emerged decades ago e.g. in 1950, the Institute for Biodynamic Research in Germany ( was founded. They were at the same time, the first research institutions of organic farming. In some European … Read more