A Biodynamic Guide to Food Quality

“Food quality is about more than the minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibres, and vitamins which are listed on the supermarket product labels. We do get relevant information from these labels, but vegetables, fruit and grains are living organisms, and we must perceive, grow and examine them accordingly. The saying ‘A healthy soil gives healthy plants … Read more

Strategies for feeding the world more sustainably with organic agriculture

Farming without pesticides is possible» 11 June 2021|Sebastian Jüngel|650 views Biodynamic farming is proof that agriculture without pesticides is possible. Introduced a hundred years ago, it is by now even applied to demanding cultures such as fruit, cotton, wine, coffee and bananas. “It is possible to feed the world population with organically grown food,” says … Read more

Musings on Biodynamic Cows, Their Horns, and the Evolution of the Earth

Musings on Biodynamic Cows, Their Horns, and the Evolution of the Earth By Jim Fullmer, Co-Director of Demeter-USA (Reprinted from the Demeter USA website, http://www.demeter-usa.org/for-farmers/for-farmers-archive/biodynamic-cows.asp) Have you ever wondered why cows have horns…?  It’s a most important question.  What happens in the places where the hooves and the horns are growing? A locality is created where … Read more

Farm and pasture slaughtering for improved animal welfare

Media release May 28, 2020 For pasture slaughtering, the farmer brings the animals with their familiar herd to a separate paddock with a raised platform, from where they can take aim at the animal to be slaughtered. Photo: Gabriela Müller The Federal Council gives the green light for farm and pasture slaughter. Farmer associations and the … Read more

Climate Protection Through Biodynamic Agriculture

Climate Protection Through Biodynamic Agriculture From scientific research in the DOK study in Therwil, Switzerland, it is known that biodynamics is the most sustainable form of agriculture. This long-term study has been comparing biodynamic (D), organic (O) and conventional (K) agriculture for 40 years and is jointly run and funded by the FiBL (Research Institute … Read more


Biodynamic Research Biodynamic research is research into the Biodynamic method of agriculture. Motivated to improve Biodynamic agriculture and deepen the understanding of it, independent research facilities emerged decades ago e.g. in 1950, the Institute for Biodynamic Research in Germany (www.forschungsring.de) was founded. They were at the same time, the first research institutions of organic farming. In some European … Read more