A Biodynamic Guide to Food Quality

“Food quality is about more than the minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibres, and vitamins which are listed on the supermarket product labels. We do get relevant information from these labels, but vegetables, fruit and grains are living organisms, and we must perceive, grow and examine them accordingly.

The saying ‘A healthy soil gives healthy plants which give healthy animals and humans’ was originally coined by organic agriculture pioneers. It summarizes the overall challenge faced by the farmer to make the farm soils ever more fertile, manage a balanced animal husbandry, take care of biotopes and perennial tree areas and integrate the farm into the surrounding landscape. “

This new book by Jens-Otto Andersen, PhD., about biodynamics, is easy for the beginner to understand and yet, has good substance for the experienced farmer and vintner. Anderson, an agronomist has worked as research coordinator in the Biodynamic Research Association in Denmark since 2001.

Permission to download a PDF of the entire book has generously been given by the Biodynamic Research Association, DK. Hard copies of the book can be ordered through www.biodynamiskforskning.dk

To download the PDF click HERE