Bear River Farms in Nova Scotia offers 4-day Esoteric Science Intensive November 7-11

Dear Friends of Anthroposophy,

A number of people have requested that a shorter, even more intense, version of our “Esoteric Science” Seminar be offered.We feel honored to now host this four-day workshop on Remembrance Day Weekend, – in which we will focus on Chapter 4, “The Evolution of the Cosmos and Man”

For details please find the invitation attached to this email.We strongly recommend booking your seat asap, since we have only 12 spots available for this event. 

To make a reservation contact us via email or call 902 467 0418. The workshop fee can be paid by email transfer, visa card or cheque. 

Please feel free to post and share this email with like-minded people. 

Kind regards,

Saskia & Tilo

Bear River Farms 

“At the proper moment, every human being can find the way to esoteric science who recognizes, or even merely assumes or divines, out of the manifest world, the existence of a hidden world and who, out of the consciousness that the powers of cognition are capable of development, is driven to the feeling that the concealed is able to reveal itself to him.To a person who has been led to esoteric science by means of these soul experiences there opens up not only the prospect of finding the answer to certain questions springing from his craving for knowledge, but also the quite different prospect of becoming the victor over all that hampers and weakens life. It signifies, in a certain higher sense, a weakening of life, indeed a death of the soul, when a human being sees himself forced to turn away from the supersensible, or to deny it. Indeed, under certain conditions it leads to despair when a man loses hope of having the hidden revealed to him.This death and despair in their manifold forms are, at the same time, inner soul opponents of esoteric-scientific striving. They appear when the inner force of the human being dwindles. Then all force of life must be introduced from without if such a person is to get possession of any life force at all. He then perceives the things, beings, and events that appear before his senses; he analyses these with his intellect. They give him pleasure and pain, they drive him to the actions of which he is capable. He may carry on in this way for a while yet at some time he must reach a point when he inwardly dies. For what can be drawn from the world in this way becomes exhausted.This is not a statement derived from the personal experience of one individual, but the result of an unbiased consideration of all human life. What guards against this exhaustion is the concealed something that rests within the depths of things. If the power to descend into these depths, in order to draw up ever new life-force, dies away within the human being, then finally also the outer aspect of things no longer proves conducive to life.”(Preface to Esoteric Science, Rudolf Steiner)