DI working with International Agriculture Section to develop advisory process

(Reprinted from “Biodynamics in the World,” April 2019)

In view of the growing biodynamic market and the increased demand for farm conversion, the advisory role is becoming increasingly important. The Section is therefore working in partnership with Demeter International on a development project with the aim of promoting trusted and high quality advisory work. This includes various aspects such as further training courses, a database system and an international quality system for biodynamic advice. The idea was discussed and further developed at the international advisory meeting in February 2019 along with 40 advisers.

The first version of the concept of the International Quality System for Biodynamic Advisory was completed at the end of March and is currently being tested by 16 advisors for its practicality and user-friendliness. The quality system is based on the principles of biodynamic advisory work laid down in the charter. By means of continuous reflection, evaluation and selective further training of the advisors, quality and transparency should be supported and the biodynamic movement strengthened from inside. More information on the project will soon be available on the website of the Section for Agriculture.

The Biodynamic Advisors in this database have signed a charter which describes the working methods of Biodynamic Advisory Services and provides a commitment and trustworthy basis. In addition, we are currently working on a quality system which, on the one hand, will stimulate and promote biodynamic consultants and, on the other hand, will create quality and transparency for customers.