Demeter Certified Farmer Mike Lanigan interviewed for CBC

Demeter Certified Farmer Mike Lanigan interviewed for CBC

(Reprinted from the November 10, 2017, Village Market Newsletter, <>)

How long before he gets his own show?

From local biodynamic farmer Mike Lanigan’s Facebook page: “Piya Chattopadhyay, CBC radio, “Out In The Open”, was just here at “The Farmouse Garden” for an interview. What a delightful person….”

Piya was interviewing Mike on his ideas about the future of agriculture, as in, what future will the family farm have in our world? Will it be more than a memory, in 20 years’ time?

Anyway we’ll have to wait til the program airs to see what spin she puts on it all, but Mike is trusting her to make something worthwhile out of it all. Photo is by Piya’s producer, Sam Colbert.

Mike has become something of a celebrity farmer, being featured in a wide range of print and broadcast media over the years, on themes relating to agriculture, and the training of future farmers.

But you can still meet him, talk to him, and ask him for his autograph, most Saturday mornings at the Village Market, where he’s been selling his vegetables since 1994. What’s that, 23 years now?

And of course Mike is just one of several local organic and biodynamic farmers who sell every Saturday at the Village Market. You don’t need to be a media star to grow great food.