Meet International Soil Fertility/Compost Expert Uli Johannes Koenig and Learn About Biodynamic Certification

Based at the Research Center for International Bio-Dynamic Economics (Forschungsring für Biologisch-Dynamische Wirtschaftsweise e.V.), Uli Johannes Koenig has specialized in soil fertility, compost, and the biodynamic preparation making since 1989. A presenter at the conference, he will be available for questions and discussion 10am to 12 noon.


Demeter Canada Board Member Uli Hack and Demeter Canada Administrator Laurie McGregor 12 noon – 2 pm – Staff from Demeter Canada — the certifier for biodynamic farms in Canada – will be available to provide one-on-one information, answer questions, and discuss requirements for a farmer or producer to be able to term their product “biodynamic” in the marketplace.

Hosts: Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario

and Demeter Canada

Guelph Organic Conference

Sunday, January 28, 10am-2pm


Located in Room Guelph UC335

No registration required; no cost to attend.