An Introduction to the Nature of Healing October 13-15 2017 Kelowna BC

An Introduction to the Nature of Healing

October 13-15 2017

Kelowna BC

with Fiona Hughes M.D.

at “The Mansion”

Summerhill Biodynamic Farm

sponsored by

Kelowna Waldorf School


What does Rudolf Steiner mean when he describes our organs as an inner planetary system, the human being
as a seven-fold metal, and that in anthroposophical medicine we heal with processes?

Using Rudolf Steiner’s physiological concept of the seven life processes: breathing, warming, nourishing, secreting, maintaining, growing, and generating as a starting point, we will explore how with conscious effort we can work with these processes to become healthier in our work and home life.

During this weekend we will also look to a number of classic Grimm’s Fairytales, and work to understand the
therapeutic qualities of the seven metals in light of the fairytale characters.

This conference experience will allow you to explore another layer of healing, to bring into your home and work!

The sun gives light to the plants,
For the sun does love the plants,
So one man gives soul-light to others
When he loves them.

Fiona Hughes M.D . is a medical advisor, researcher, and writer on health issues at Idea Couture, an international innovation and design health issues at Idea Couture, an international innovation and design firm. She also sees patients in her private health counseling practice. After completing her BA in cultural studies at Trent University, she went on to train in both conventional and anthroposophical medicine at the University of Witten/ Herdecke, Germany. Fiona grew up in a Waldorf household, the child of two Waldorf teachers, and is a graduate of the Toronto Waldorf School. She currently lives with her partner, a CBC journalist, two teenage children, and their affectionate beagle. She is always on the lookout for more opportunities to bring alchemical processes back into the kitchen and to the practice of healing.

Gabe Cipes is Director of the Biodynamic Associations BC, and a director of the Certified Organic Associations BC (COABC) and Demeter  Canada. Gabe is in his seventh year practicing biodynamics at Summerhill Pyramid Winery. He sources and creates the nine preparations and applies them to the vineyards gardens. Gabe keeps chickens and bees, he over sees an intensive vegetable garden for the onsite bistro as well as plants forest gardens and nature corridors for wildlife and pollinators. Gabe identifies most of the wild plants growing in the Okanagan, making medicinal salves and teas for sale at the winery. Working with natural world Gabe is a deeply humbling honour and the more he learns is mystified by the interconnections and relationships between humanity, nature and the cosmos.

Other guests include:

Heather Brown -Physiotherapist, parent educator, and currently training in Spatial Dynamics

EveLynn Debusschere – Waldorf remedial teacher

Phyllis Cannell – Musician, teacher, and Waldorf parent

Barbara Articus– Artist and art therapist


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Anthroposophical Medical Conference 2017

An Introduction to the Nature of Healing