Demeter Canada Partners with Ecocert Canada starting 2017 Season

Demeter Canada Partners with Ecocert Canada Starting 2017 Season



Demeter Canada is pleased to announce a partnership with Ecocert Canada to provide both client and inspection services for Demeter Canada farms and processors.

Beginning with the 2017 inspection season, Ecocert Canada will be managing all Demeter Canada client files and completing all Demeter Canada inspections. Demeter Canada will continue to make all certification decisions in relation to the Demeter International Standard and to issue Demeter certificates.

Each Demeter Canada client will now also become an Ecocert Canada client. A client file will be created and a client number assigned in our certification database.


Ecocert’s Inspection Coordinator, Joel Aitken, will assign a Demeter trained and qualified inspector for all joint and Demeter only inspections. The Ecocert Canada inspection season generally runs from mid-June to mid-September.

In order to maintain Demeter Canada’s ability to determine Demeter compliance and exemptions as previously established, both the Demeter International and organic (COR or CGSB – depending on the case above) inspection reports will be forwarded to the Demeter Canada certification committee who will independently determine Demeter certification status and issue Demeter decision letters and certificates. Demeter Canada will continue to deal with Requests for Exemptions prior to the time of inspection. Any inputs or practices that are not found in the DI Standards require a Request for Exemption be submitted to Demeter Canada.

As a result of this newly established partnership with Demeter Canada, Ecocert Canada is offering a $175.00 discount off of their organic certification fees for those clients seeking both Demeter and organic certification through Ecocert.

If you have any questions about this partnership please contact:

Laurie McGregor, Demeter Canada, Administrator