International Conference for Biodynamic Fruit Growing in November 2016

International Conference for Biodynamic Fruit Growing

in November 2016

The international biodynamic fruit growers’ group has been active for more than 20 years. In conversation with the Section the wish came about to organize a larger international conference in order to achieve a new step in the development of the group and also to become more international. The fruit growers’ conference that took place in the Schreinerei at the Goetheanum brought together roughly 130 participants from a lot of European countries as well as
some from overseas. It was a mixed group of people – young and old, beginners and experienced fruit growers – who met in the lovely atmosphere of the Schreinerei and conversed very fruitfully in a lively atmosphere. Contributions on various fruit cultures portrayed the whole palette of biodynamic fruit growing: from the basis of biodynamic cultivation through questions of marketing to the technique of applying the preparations. The fruit growers’ group is
open for new members. Those interested may turn to Piet Korstanje. E-Mail:

(Photo by Mark Steinrueck)