by bellouccello

— Winter white, the bee hives wrapped up like christmas packages and a quietness once again falls onto the honey bee sanctuary.

It is indeed winter here in Nova Scotia and the bee hives are all, one more time, forming their rotating cosmic globe inside of their hive and enjoying the radiance of the their Queen’s light.

This week is a celebration, because Bello Uccello Honey Bee Sanctuary once again received for the third year in a row, its Biodynamic Certification from Demeter. This is one of the highest standard- of- food certifications in the world- its a big deal. Biodynamic farming and food has ethical, ecological and spiritual considerations given to every step in what is happening to produce  this healthy food. Our Honey Bee Sanctuary met all of the criteria of Demeter for certification long before we knew what those criteria were, so it was delightful to us when we applied and got our certification the first year, without having to wait the usual three years. This is because when you mindfully bring heartfelt and responsible Intention  to learning and interacting with any Life Beings of this earth, we believe Human Beings know inside of themselves the respectful and right thing to do. There was a time when we did not need certification labels because we were not yet severed from the land and nature; but this is not the case today. Slowly all of us are learning to make Life Enhancing Choices for ourselves and our families and in so doing we are actively participating in helping to create new Spaces for more ethical and loving solutions to manifest such as CSAs, biodynamic farms, biodynamic beekeeping,self-sustainable life styles, etc. It is this synergy of your Goodwill and the people ready to create new respectful and loving relationships with mankind and the earth that is indeed the Dance now happening everywhere on this earth. Thank you from the bees and us for your support in the infinite ways that your goodwill manifests.

The reason we go through this process of assessment every year by Demeter and pay the cost to do so, is because we want people to become aware of biodynamic beekeeping and what that really means. This is not “new” ; the principles involved go back thousands of years, and like much happening these days, it is more a question of Remembering what we have forgotten. People read our label and ask “what does Demeter certified”mean or what is “biodynamic farming” and so the dialogues and the awareness grows with each conversation. With awareness comes empowerment to people to know they have choices , large and small, for entering into Life Respecting scenarios. Enough of those kind of choices by us all and we will wake up one day to a New Earth;—- one where Beauty and Love is the foundation of our daily Intentions.

One of the ways to help our friends, neighbours and customers become more aware of the Ethical and Ecological and Spiritual issues involved in the provision of the food they eat was for us to have biodynamic certification through Demeter and to give workshops on Natural Beekeeping Based on Biodynamic Principles. As far as beekeeping goes, seeing this Demeter approval, definitely says the opposite of the “industrial – model honey bee factory” commodification-approach to keeping bees . If you wish to research more about Demeter Certification for Biodynamic Beekeeping please go to


Reprinted from by bellouccello