Demeter USA Co-Director Jim Fullmer at Guelph Organic Conference

Demeter USA Co-Director Jim Fullmer at Guelph Organic Conference – The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Society of Ontario works closely with the organizers of the Guelph Organic Conference every year to offer substantive opportunities for learning, discussion, and networking on current issues in the biodynamic community. At the 2017 conference, biodynamic presenters include Cory Eichman from Ontario, Fred Kirschenman from the US, and Jim Fullmer, the Co-Executive Director of Demeter USA.

It will be an important opportunity for those currently certified by Demeter Canada, or potentially interested in Demeter certification, to hear these presentations and be part of conversations related to the potential for marketing Demeter Canada certified products in the US and the future of biodynamic agriculture on this continent.

Scheduled events include:

Saturday, January 28, 10am-3pm Meet & Greet – Guelph University Student Center Room UC332 [3rd floor]

Ø  Bring your questions and curiosity, and meet BD Society and Demeter Canada board members and staff.

Ø  Jim Fullmer from Demeter USA will talk about market opportunities in the US for Demeter-certified commodities.

Ø  For Society membership & details, visit

Ø  Free to attend, no conference registration is required





Sunday, January 29, 9-10:30am — Social threefolding & farming for the future – Cory Eichman

When we talk of Sustainable Agriculture, how far into the future are we usually thinking?  How broad

a perspective does the sustainability model encompass? Agriculture touches on every aspect of life:

from the impact on the environment that we all share, to the web of economics that we are all involved

in, to the expression of personal desires and cultural traditions. This workshop will explore how the baby

steps we can take now can hold within them a vision for the next 3,000 years.


Sunday, 11am-12 noonDemeter certification – Uli Hack & Jim Fullmer

This workshop will explore a number of areas related to Demeter certification.

Ø  What sets apart Demeter certification from other programs?

Ø  Must a grower become organic certified prior to Demeter certification?

Ø  Typical procedures that take place during an inspection.

Ø  Marketing opportunities


Sunday, 1:30-3pm — Rethinking agriculture: A BioDynamic perspective – Jim Fullmer & Fred Kirschenmann

How do we transition? Industrial agriculture is focused on maximum, efficient production for short-term

economic return. Regenerative, resilient food and farming methods are grounded in relationships and

shared value, focusing more on restoring regenerative life on earth. In this workshop the speakers will

explore the importance of transitioning away from industrial agriculture. Specifically, they will discuss

how a biodynamic model of agriculture can provide solutions.


Jim Fullmer is the co-executive director of Demeter USA, and oversees the organization’s relationships with farmers, inspector training, and certification (

Fred Kirschenmann worked for many years at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University and still serves there as a Distinguished Fellow and a professor in the Department of Religion and Philosophy ( He also continues to manage his family’s 1,800-acre certified-organic farm in south-central North Dakota, and currently serves as the Board President for the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in upstate New York (