Creating fertile soil: from nature to culture – February 1-4 2017

Creating fertile soil:

from nature to culture

February 1-4 2017

The Annual International Agriculture Conference

of the biodynamic movement

at the Goetheanum

(Simultaneous translation into German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.)

For thousands of years fertile soil has been the key factor underpinning cultural development. Our civilisation however is presently causing a massive loss of fertile soil through erosion, pollution and urbanisation. How can we care for the soils in a way that ensures their fertility is maintained and enhanced for generations?

The soil is the sensitive transition zone between the sphere of light above the earth and that of darkness below. The practical farmer knows that the actual processes going on in the soil are specific to each individual place and moment in time. An essential element of biodynamic agriculture is the creation of a farm organism. The farm animals within it provide the plant population with the fertilisation it requires. Through their growth and development the plants then enliven the soil. How can I put this comprehensive approach into practice on my farm?

Providing inspiration to meet the cultural challenge of developing soil fertility with understanding, joy and courage, is the task of this conference.

The conference is open to all. Registration from mid- November onwards.

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